Sen. Katie Britt on the Biden Admin’s ‘Humane’ Border Policies: “It Is Mind Boggling”

Sen. Katie Britt, senator from Alabama, member of the Senate Appropriations, Banking, Housing, And Urban Affairs Committee, Senate Rules And Administration Committee, and Author of the new book God Calls Us to do Hard Things, joined the Guy Benson Show today and had a wide-ranging conversation with Guy. Sen. Britt shared what it’s like being a fresh Senator in the United States Senate and some of the challenges she encountered as she started work in the legislative body. Guy and Sen. Britt also discussed the hypocrisy of the Biden administration’s policy on the southern border. Listen to the full conversation below!

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Britt had this to say on Biden’s open border policy for the southern border of the US:

“And you look just across our country, it is mind boggling that this administration would not secure our border, then for them to sit there and tell us that their policies are more humane. That couldn’t be further from the truth with their open border policies.”