On Wednesday, October 25th the contentious race for the speakership came to an end when Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson was elected the 56th Speaker of the House. Although the race within the House came to an end, the race for the White House is only heating up.


The suspension of former Vice President Pence’s presidential campaign has left Republican voters with questions. Who will make it to the third debate? And who will be the next to drop out?


FOX News Radio Political Analyst Josh Kraushaar zooms in on Iowa and looks at where the candidates stand within the state’s polling. He explains how former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s campaign is gaining momentum, and shares what it will take for the other candidates to catch up.


Uphill battle: Has the House GOP mediated their squabbles, or is it only simmering under the surface? Josh emphasizes that the newly elected Speaker does not have an easy job ahead. He also discusses the challenges Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) will face, including funding the government, managing foreign policy, and balancing the ideological differences within his party.

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