As the world watches and responds to the horrors and devastation of the Israel-Hamas war, American voters are looking critically at presidential candidates as they decide who best to lead the country on a global stage.


With international tensions at a tipping point, how can candidates gain enough momentum to land a spot on the stage at the third GOP presidential primary debate?


Co-host of Outnumbered and former White House Press Secretary under President Trump Kayleigh McEnany provides her analysis of the current state of the 2024 Presidential Election and discusses why certain candidates are rising in the polls above others. Later, she looks ahead to the upcoming House Speaker vote and explains why she believes there was a missed messaging opportunity for Congressional Republicans.


Uphill Battle: Republicans are fighting to flip vulnerable Senate seats in the upcoming election cycle, but what will it take to finally bring a ‘red wave?’ Kayleigh emphasizes how candidates at the top of the ticket, along with ballot initiatives play an important role in voter turnout on election day.

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