Tragedy unfolded in Israel this weekend after Hamas militants unleashed an unprecedented terror attack on the country. Israel formally declared war against Hamas on Sunday, making it the first declaration of its kind in 50 years.


This weekend’s attacks have only increased attention on U.S. foreign policy and national security. How will these issues influence the direction of the 2024 presidential race?


Political reporter and columnist with the Washington Examiner Salena Zito shares how the shortcomings of the Biden administration have made voters more aware of the vulnerabilities to our national security. She explains how Republicans have the upper hand when it comes to foreign policy and provides insight into which candidates are making impressions in early-voting states.


Uphill Battle: 2024 Pennsylvania Senate candidate David McCormick has received unanimous support from the state’s Republican Party. Salena breaks down why that endorsement carries so much weight within the race and explains why unseating Democratic incumbent Senator Bob Casey won’t be an easy feat.

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