A Duck blind is a camouflage hut that hunters use to hide from their intended targets. Until the popular TV reality show “Duck Dynasty” became popular, most folks probably didn’t know the term. So, the new movie “The Blind,” about the couple behind the dynasty, has a double meaning: Duck hunting, and the darkness we live in when sin is our master. The Blind is a raw and rough look at the love story of Kay and Phil Robertson, without whom there would be no Duck Dynasty. While faith overcoming hard times is certainly the major theme and the end result, the road to getting there is paved with alcoholism, abuse and separation. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Willie and Korie Robertson talk about why they produced the movie about their parents, and how difficult it was to watch the most painful parts of their family’s lives. But it’s what created a dynasty, the love that surpasses all understanding.