With The Fox Business Network-Univision Republican presidential primary debate just days away, who are the candidates to watch? The latest FOX News Power Rankings were released this past week, showing that former President Trump still holds a firm lead against his competitors. The rankings also highlighted how voters overwhelmingly favored “populist” candidates, like the former President and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, over their “conservative” opponents. Co-anchor of ‘America’s Newsroom’ Bill Hemmer joins to discuss the rise of the “populist” Republicans, the issues he expects to come up during Wednesday’s second GOP debate, and Nikki Haley’s chances of having a stand-out moment on the stage.

This week Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited the United States, addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York and later heading to Washington to make the case for more U.S.  aid.  As lawmakers fight over our own budget, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans seem reluctant to commit to any requests made by Ukraine. However, President Joe Biden announced a new $325 million aid package for the war-torn country. FOX News Foreign Correspondent Trey Yingst joins to discuss why America’s reaction to Zelenskyy’s visit was different than last year and explains the current state of the war.