Mike Pence: I See Trump Walking Away From A Commitment To the Right To Life

Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke to Brian Kilmeade about Donald Trump pushing back against a 5 week ban on abortion. Pence says he sees former President Trump walking away from a commitment to the right to life, walking away from fiscal responsibility and walking away from American leadership in the world. Pence believes the right to life has been a core of the conservative movement for the past 50 years. Pence also explained why Senator Hawley and other republicans are wrong wanting to stop sending aid to the Ukrainians. Pence said helping Ukraine is in our national security interests because they are trying to contain Russian aggression.

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Speaker 1 [00:00:00] We shouldn’t be spending a dime more on Ukraine. We need an accounting of every dime that has been spent so far. And I’m just tired of hearing the president say over and over that we’ve got to invest. This is an investment in the future of every nation. What about our nation? It’s not an investment in our future, in our people, in our jobs. That needs to be the priority.

Brian Kilmeade [00:00:21] Senator Josh Hawley with Laura Ingraham. Last night with me in studio, the former vice president, United States wants to be the next president of the United States. We brought Vice President Mike Pence. I want you to respond to this because this is really dividing the Republican Party. You heard Senator Josh Hawley, Missouri, Don’t want to spend another dime there. I see the importance in our foreign policy. Lindsey Graham sees that. General Jack Keane sees that as Mike Pence. See that?

Mike Pence [00:00:44] Look, I believe that it is in our national interest to continue to give the Ukrainian military what they need to defeat and repel a Russian invasion, because I have no doubt that if Russia overruns Ukraine, that they will not long after that cross the border where we have to send our fighting men and women to defend them under our NATO treaty. So I get it. I understand the frustration. I think there should be accountability there. But I think the frustration that you hear on Capitol Hill is as much a condemnation of of Joe Biden’s failed.

Brian Kilmeade [00:01:20] Leadership, walking of weapons, a.

Mike Pence [00:01:22] Lack of confidence in Joe after that disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. The people of this country have lost confidence in Joe Biden’s ability as commander in chief. And now with regard to Ukraine, he continues to give. I mean, I give Senator Hawley, you know, points for saying the way Joe Biden is described it is these gauzy speeches about democracy in the world. No. Look, I’ve been to Ukraine. I’ve heard from people who had family members gunned down in the streets. I’ve stood in here where there used to be a mass grave where the Russians mercilessly slaughtered over 500 people in a small town. There’s a moral reason to be there. But on national our national security, you make you make decisions based upon our national interests. Our national interest is in in and containing Russian aggression. Ukrainians are willing to do it. They’re willing to make the fight. I think we need to continue and in more earnestly, more effectively to give them what they need.

Brian Kilmeade [00:02:25] And don’t you think it relates to Taiwan, Mr. Vice President, Something anything? We have not been able to get what they’ve paid for to them.

Mike Pence [00:02:34] Brian, it leave it to you to nail it. Look, remember, China has what they call an unlimited partnership with Russia. That’s what President Xi says. You know, and I’ve met President Xi. I’ve met I’ve met Putin as well. I had a chance to size him up, man to man. And I’ll tell you what, that that partnership is real. G is watching everything that’s happening in Ukraine, and he’s looking for America and the West to falter. And that if that happens and and Putin overruns Ukraine, I have no doubt in my mind the clock will start ticking on China, move moving on Taiwan, and you achieve peace through strength by being the leader of the free world, by by standing with nations around the world that are defending their own freedom, given them what they need to make the fight. And so it’s not just about Ukraine, right? It’s as much about China.

Brian Kilmeade [00:03:27] And Vladimir Putin is counting on us a withering and losing interest in this. You know, Germany’s already weakened. I talked to the Polish president yesterday and he thinks the Germans in France are starting to back door getting some chance to go bypass the sanctions. You need pressure from an American president, say, I know what you’re up to and what you knock it off. This is your defense.

Mike Pence [00:03:45] There is a vacuum of leadership in the free world today. And the hard truth is, if America’s not leading the free world, the free world is not being led. Right. And Joe Biden, I mean, he’s spending so much time kowtowing to China, sending one emissary after another to beg for meetings, leave aside. I mean, Brian, it’s incomprehensible. We worked so hard to bring hostages home during our administration. I was just with Pastor Andrew Brunson a couple of days ago at a faith and family conference.

Brian Kilmeade [00:04:16] Held against his will in.

Mike Pence [00:04:17] Iran. We got it. We got him out. We brought him home from Turkey. And but to pay $6 billion to the Iranian mullahs as essentially a ransom payment to me was just unconscionable. And in it in it, I think it undermines the safety of Americans traveling all over the world. And and, frankly, if I’m president of the United States, we’ll we’ll never pay ransom for American hostages, ever.

Brian Kilmeade [00:04:46] And if you want to be president, you got to do well in Iowa and New Hampshire. Yeah, One thing we’ve been told, they’ll been there a couple of times, but you basically you’re living there now. The evangelical vote matters a lot. It will decide who wins. It always has. Here’s President Trump, who you work with side by side to help overturn Roe v Wade. Commenting on Sunday with Kristen Welker on what he would do as president when it comes to abortion.

Speaker 4 [00:05:10] Sign it at 50. But you’re talking about a complete ban of ban at 15 weeks. People people are starting to think of 15 weeks. That seems to be a number that people are talking about right now. Would you sign that? I would. I would sit down with both sides and negotiate something and we’ll end up with peace on that issue. For the first time in 52 years. I’m not going to say I would or I wouldn’t. I mean, Desanctis was willing to sign a five week and six week bench to support that. You think that what he did is a terrible thing and a terrible mistake, But we’ll come up with a number. But at the same time, Democrats won’t be able to go out in six months, seven months, eight months and allow an abortion.

Brian Kilmeade [00:05:51] Your thought in the president’s stance?

Mike Pence [00:05:53] Well, you know me, Brian. I’m pro-life. I don’t apologize for it. I’ve been a champion of the right to life from my days in Congress, my days as a governor, and couldn’t be more proud that our administration appointed three of the justices that overturned Roe versus Wade. But I have to tell you that, you know, the president and I have had our differences. Two and a half years ago, we had a clash. But since then, I see the president walking away from a commitment to the right to life. I see him walking away from fiscal responsibility. I see him walking away from American leadership in the world. But what you hear there is to have the former president say that a heartbeat bill in Florida or for that matter, the same bill that that was passed in in Georgia and Ohio and Iowa was a, quote, terrible mistake. I think it it it just suggests to me that he is backing away from that cause. And you know.

Brian Kilmeade [00:06:48] What? He says he sees 2022 and he saw the only reason you guys didn’t have a read way.

Mike Pence [00:06:53] You know, he said.

Brian Kilmeade [00:06:53] This because you don’t believe that?

Mike Pence [00:06:55] No, I don’t believe that. I was out there. I traveled. Good heavens. I traveled to 35 states in the 22 election cycle. Are candidates that were focused on the future, did very well. Our candidates that were focused on the past, particularly the last election, did not fare very well. And I know the former president that.

Brian Kilmeade [00:07:13] Was a bigger deal than.

Mike Pence [00:07:14] He blamed election losses on overturning Roe versus Wade. Look, I think the right to life has been the animating core of the conservative movement for the last 50 years. And now more than ever, Republican voters, independents and conservative Democrats want to know we’re going to have a president in the White House who will be a champion. If I’m president of the United States, I’m going to fight for a stronger protections as we can in every state house in the country. Right. But a middle class decision?

Brian Kilmeade [00:07:43] Well, no. Well.

Mike Pence [00:07:44] Absolutely. The states to take the lead, but a minimum national standard of 15 weeks that says that once a child is able to experience pain and womb, that we will not allow states like California, Illinois or here in New York.

Brian Kilmeade [00:08:00] Due to like Lindsey Graham for.

Mike Pence [00:08:02] Abortion, it’s to me it’s a minimum standard. I want to go farther than that. I support legislation that goes farther than that. But for the president to not be willing to express support for that and frankly, to criticize a six week pro-life bill, it it it’s I promise you, if I’m president of the United States, people will have a leader for life in the Oval Office.

Brian Kilmeade [00:08:23] Vice president, Mr. Vice President, will have people want to support your cause where they go.

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Brian Kilmeade [00:08:36] Prediction for the debate.

Mike Pence [00:08:40] Get ready to rumble.

Brian Kilmeade [00:08:42] If you want to be challenged. Now I’m finding the best thing you could be is to be challenged. Yeah. Let’s go. One 805. Let’s go. The vice president. Thanks so much. And I look forward to seeing you on the chair. Europe. You’re going to be on soon, right? We are with our Harris. We are. All right. Got to let the vice president go. You listen to the Brian KILMEADE Show. Brian KILMEADE Show E-Com. You can get us on the stream.