There is hardly a more incendiary topic of conversation than homosexuality and the Bible. It is a debate that people of faith have been forced to deal with, because it confronts them in the public square, schools, government, neighborhoods and in their families. Pastor Sam Allberry’s take on the issue may surprise many people. His position is purely personal but could have widespread influence, as he was the featured pastor at the memorial service for Dr. Tim Keller back in August. Keller chose him to give the homily which made a lot of people curious, but when Keller was dying of pancreatic cancer, he himself designed his service choosing the hymns, the Scripture readings and the people who would give the all-important message. So, why Sam Allberry? On this episode of Lighthouse Faith, Allberry answers that question and the central theme of his ministry. He hails from England; is a pastor and has authored several books on God and human sexuality like, “What God Has to Say About Our Bodies”, “Seven Myths About Singleness”, and “Is God Anti-Gay?” It should also be noted that Allberry, for as long as he can remember, has been attracted to men, both romantically and sexually. He says he was bullied as a child for being gay, and as an adult, was bullied by the Anglican synod members for rejecting the church’s liberal stance on homosexuality. Hear his nuanced response to the question, “Is God anti-gay?” And, “What did Jesus say or didn’t say about homosexuality?”