President Biden returned from his latest overseas trip at the G20 Summit to renewed concerns over his age and mental capabilities. The White House has answered those concerns by pointing to the President’s recent rigorous schedule and touting policy achievements from “Bidenomics” to foreign policy. FOX News Washington-Based Correspondent Mark Meredith joins to discuss the significance of President Biden’s visit at the G20 Summit, how his schedule may continue to ramp up leading into the 2024 Election, and what he can continue to do to stave off concerns surrounding his age.


Critics from both ends of the political spectrum are calling for answers as many border communities and sanctuary cities across the country are struggling to keep up with the influx of migrants. Some blame the Biden administration’s border policies; others blame the lack of law enforcement. FOX News Contributor and former State Department Spokesperson, Marie Harf explains why politicians need to come up with realistic solutions and explains why the argument for a living wage coincides with the nation’s border crisis.