Impeaching Joe

It’s official, Speaker McCarthy and Co are taking aim at Joe, The Big Guy, “The Brand,” The Brandon.

But will playing the game the Democrats invented mean RIP for the GOP?

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has ordered House Republicans to move forward with an impeachment inquiry into President Sleepy Joe.

The evidence is piled higher than the scoops on his daily ice cream cone and yeah, you’re darn right we start playing the game the Democrats invented. They wanna be cutthroat and go after political opponents with little to no evidence, well Republicans ought to do the same. The difference is we have evidence on our side.

But you know what we don’t have on our side? The luxury of a do-over, or a try-again, or a second attempt.

We don’t have the media, the intelligence agencies, the law enforcement agencies, Hollywood, or even our entire own party on our side.

So if we take a shot at the “Big Guy” we better not miss.

I wanna be cutthroat too, but not at the expense of 2024!

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