Years after the arrest of Dennis Rader, the infamous “Bind, Torture, Kill” serial killer, a new investigation could link him back to a cold case dating back to almost 50 years ago. In 1976, 16-year-old Cynthia Kinney disappeared and was last seen at a laundromat at which she worked in Pawhuska, OK. Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden is investigating how Rader’s writings and sketches could possibly link him to Cynthia’s disappearance. However, Osage County District Attorney Mike Fisher has disputed Sheriff Virden’s claims, saying there is insufficient evidence to link Rader to the crime.

FOX 23 Anchor Rick Maranon has been following the feud between the Osage County Sheriff and District Attorney. He discusses the new BTK Task Force created by Sheriff Virden and shares the impact Cynthia’s death has had on the local community.

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