Sweetheart Deal to Iran

Joe Biden looked at the date on the calendar on Monday- 9/11- the 22nd anniversary of the radical islamic terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans and said, today sounds like a good day to unfreeze 6 billion dollars to the world’s foremost state sponsor of terror.

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Joe Biden- or more accurately whoever programs Joe Biden- decided that the 22nd anniversary of 9/11 would be the perfect day to inform Congress his administration will take steps to carry out a prisoner swap with Iran but ALSO lift sanctions at a value of $6 billion dollars.

Wow, I wonder what could possibly go wrong?!

Now that we have an impeachment inquiry on the table, would probably be a good time to check whether or not Hunter and the “Big Guy” got anything from Iran because damn what a sweetheart deal.

I honestly think Joe just looks at the US and then he looks at the world and then he looks at the US again and just says, screw it let’s roll the dice.

Under Joe, America is not just last, but DEAD LAST!

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