Yesterday’s House Homeland Security Hearing on migration and the U.S. Border covered one border issue that, despite its severity, is not commonly spoken about. A startling number of migrants being brought across the southern border are being sold into human trafficking by the same cartels or illegal enterprises bringing them to the U.S. With few connections or ways to make money, this has led to many migrants being trapped, and lawmakers like New York Congressman Anthony D’Esposito are determined to find solutions to fight this tragedy. On the Rundown, Rep. D’Esposito discusses how migrants are being trafficked in every state across the U.S., not just those on the border, and why lawmakers must stop “pointing fingers” and instead focus on finding solutions to protect the border. He also speaks about how law enforcement agencies should be supported to ensure they can catch the criminals behind these heinous acts.

An escaped prisoner from Chester County Prison was on the loose in Pennsylvania for nearly two weeks until he was captured by authorities on Wednesday. Convicted murderer, thirty-four-year-old, Danelo Cavalcante was taken into custody shortly after 8 a.m. when an aircraft using thermal technology finally led state police and U.S. Border agents to his location. Former DOJ and FBI Special Agent, Nicole Parker, joins the Rundown to provide details into what mindset the criminal was in when he escaped and break down the behind-the-scenes of how law enforcement finally tracked him down.

Plus, commentary by FOX News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett.