On August 28th, 2003, the quiet town of Erie, Pennsylvania garnered local and national attention following a bizarre bank heist. With a cane gun in his hands and a collar-bomb attached to his neck, 46-year-old Brian Wells had unsuccessfully attempted to steal $250,000 from a local PNC Bank earlier that afternoon. Police quickly arrested him and cleared the area, but it would soon be too late. The bomb detonated at 3:18 PM that day, turning what should’ve been a routine pizza delivery fatal for Brian Wells. Retired FBI Special Agent Jerry Clark was the lead investigator on Major Case #203 – The Collar-Bomb. He shares how he was first introduced to the case and describes the many twists and turns behind this infamous investigation.

Jerry Clark’s career in law enforcement spanned over the course of 27 years at both local and federal levels. Prior to his career with the FBI, he served as an agent at both the NCIS and the DEA. Jerry Clark currently serves as an Associate Professor and Chair of the Criminal Justice Department at Gannon University. In his book co-authored with Ed Palattella entitled, Pizza Bomber: The Untold Story of America’s Most Shocking Bank Robbery, Jerry details the true and bizarre story behind one of the country’s most shocking heists.

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