Chilling Confessions From A Cold-Blooded Killer

The night of January 26th, 1988, was a frigid and suspiciously quiet night at the Indianapolis Police Department. Before Sgt. Judd Green could say anything to jinx it, he was notified about a gruesome triple homicide. While out drinking with three of his friends, Kevin Conner ended the night by killing each of them in cold blood.

Retired Indianapolis Police Department Sgt. Judd Green shares the details about the chilling case and explains why over 36 years later, he’s still haunted by the killer’s confession.

In his book, Stories From The Streets: Drug Dealers, Hostages, and Killers, Sgt. Green looks back at his 41-year-long career in law enforcement and provides detailed stories from some of the most chilling, heartwarming, and even humorous cases he was assigned.

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