Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears joins Fox Across America With guest host Harry Hurley to shed light on why it’s time for Republicans to adopt a different strategy relating to when they encourage people to cast their ballots.

“There are a group of people who have become accustomed to dictating to everybody else how we should spend our money, what we should do about anything that’s of importance, including our children, including everything. And they have appointed unto themselves that, I don’t know, some powers. And so they just run right off and make decisions and get everybody to go along with it. And unfortunately, the media has as well. And so that’s why we’re saying, go to and make sure that you have your voice heard. Because you know what we’re not going to do anymore in Virginia, hopefully on the Republican side, is wait until election day. Because, I signed up for an absentee ballot and I was so shocked when my letter of confirmation from my electoral board came to me and it said, from now on, for every primary election, you will get a ballot mailed to you. For every general election, you will get a ballot mailed to you. And for every special election, you will get a ballot mailed to you. And by the way, it will be mailed 45 days before the election. This is how the other side is doing it. I never have to leave my house.”

Lieutenant Governor Sears also talks about the work Governor Glenn Youngkin’s administration has done to ensure parents have a say in their kids’ education. Listen to the podcast to hear what else she had to say!