Bernie Sanders Funnels Campaign Cash to an Institute Run by…His Family

Turns out Joe and Hunter aren’t the only Democrats with family cash flow side hustles.

Wait till you hear what Bernie Sanders did with campaign cash…

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign transferred a whopping 200k in donor cash to the “Sanders Institute” this year.

And guess who founded that institute? His wife and stepson.

Though it’s not exactly clear what the institute contributes to the greater good of America, Bernie’s stepson David takes a 6 figure salary plus other perks.

But this isn’t the first time the proud Democratic Socialist has transferred large sums of money to this illustrious institute, in 2021 his presidential committee sent $350,000 to the non-profit while his stepson took a salary of over $150k.

Boy, these family businesses sure run deep in Democratic politics.

I would sure hate to think that “spread the wealth” Bernie Sanders cares more about enriching his own family than he does caring for the poor and needy working class folks he purports to fight for….

It all makes sense when you realize Democrats want to spend YOUR money, not their own!

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