Massachusetts Gov Asks Residents to Open Doors to Illegals

Massachusetts officials are asking residents to open their doors to illegal immigrants.

What could go wrong?!

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Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency over a lack of housing for illegal immigrants but lawmakers have a genius solution. They are asking residents to lend a helping hand by opening their homes and extra bedrooms to undocumented, unvetted strangers.

I wonder what could possibly go wrong!

In a statement, Democratic Governor Maura Healey said she is calling upon the federal government to provide more aid and tools to give these “brave parents” a chance to work and support their families but also hopes residents will step up and do their part.

This is not only a ridiculous request, but a dangerous one.

There is NOTHING safe about imploring families to open their homes to people who have already broken the law to get into the country, but are also complete strangers.

But on second thought, this will be a great opportunity for loving and tolerant Liberals to practice what they preach!

Best of luck with that!

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