Test Tube Nuggets?!

The USDA has approved lab-grown chicken.

Test tube nuggets? Sounds…tasty. NOT!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Many of you know I’m a South Dakota ranch girl, and that’s partly why this next story disgusts me on many levels.

The USDA has just approved lab-grown chicken for our consumption.

Yes, that’s chicken grown from cells in a lab. This “meat” if you want to call it that, is made by feeding and cultivating animal cells in stainless steel tanks.

This has been hailed by the “green” community as a win for the planet because real life animals drink too much water, fart too much methane and produce too much of a carbon footprint.

Ya know, this really irks me. God created animals for us to love and care for, but also for our sustenance and nourishment.

The fact the climate change crowd has decided that this practice, which has been around since literally the dawn of time, is bad for Mother Earth, is really indulgent and idiotic.

No one likes factory farming, but growing cells in tubes to feed our families is a science experiment I want NO part of!

REAL American meat, only!

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