Beneath the surface web, the websites and search engines we use on a daily basis, lies the dark web, a hidden network of dangerous websites which are hidden from public access. In 2011, a man operating under the pseudonym, “Dread Pirate Roberts,” created the Silk Road, a dark web black market used for selling drugs, weapons, and illegal services.

The FBI became aware of the Silk Road just months after its foundation and soon launched an investigation to take down the site and its creator. Former FBI Special Agent Chris Tarbell was the lead investigator on the case. He discusses the inner workings of the dark web, and how the FBI managed to uncover the Silk Road’s notorious kingpin.

Following his career with the FBI, Chris co-founded NAXO, a cybersecurity firm that offers investigative solutions and protection from various cyber threats. Additionally, Chris co-hosts the weekly podcast, Hacker And The Fed, which covers cybersecurity news and safety tips.

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