Starbucks Workers Strike over Lack of Pride Decor

Starbucks workers are striking this week to protest what they feel is a lack of pride decor in their stores.

Weird, straight folks don’t demand decorations on our behalf…

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Thousands of Starbucks employees from over 150 locations nationwide are on strike this week to protest the lack of pride decor in their stores this pride month.

The mega coffee chain says it has made no pride month policy changes while the Starbucks Workers Union claims employees in 21 states say they weren’t allowed to put up decorations for pride month.

With this strike, Starbucks anticipates having to temporarily close some locations until the protest ends.

This is all just such a dog and pony show. Starbucks is a coffee shop, why on God’s green earth should employees EXPECT and DEMAND the right to plaster rainbows and whatever else to celebrate the sexual preferences of SOME people?

Pride month went from being about joy and equality to a militant and aggressive effort to force feed the LGBTQ movement on the population, at large.

These employees are hired to make coffee and warm up pastries, not party plan for pride month!! Goodness gracious.

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