Lightfoot Declares State of Emergency Over Illegals

Outgoing Mayor Lori Lightfoot has declared a state of emergency and is blaming Texas Governor Abbott for the influx of illegals in Chicago.

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Mayor Beetlejuice Lightfoot is on her way out the door after being ousted from her post but before she goes, she’ll be sure to blame everyone but her party for the influx of illegals arriving in her city.

She declared a state of emergency this week due to an overwhelming number of illegals- mostly sent by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

She put out a statement whining about the 48 individuals Chicago received from Texas. You heard that right, 48.

Does she think we’re stupid?! Does she think Texas Governor Abbott is responsible for these illegals bum-rushing our border?!

No, Lori. Go talk to Joe. Go talk to border czar Kamala. Your party is responsible for this and newsflash, you’re crying about 48 people?! Texas is having to absorb tens of thousands plus PER WEEK.

So go cry me a river, Lori Lightfoot. You wanted a sanctuary city and now you’re gonna learn the consequences one bus load at a time!

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