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Congressman James Comer (R-KY), Chairman House Oversight Committee, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about Wednesday’s impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Comer believes Tony Bobulinski did a tremendous job fighting back against the baseless attacks that the Democrats. Comer said that, whatever the crime, the Bidens would go in and try to sell access to Joe Biden and the fact that they have implicated Joe, three former Biden associates, Joe Biden now needs to come in and explain why they’re not telling the truth. Comer added, “If he doesn’t, then we’ll proceed with criminal referrals.”

Plus, Comer on the Texas border breach and why the Republicans should be the party of Hispanics.

Rough Transcript here:

Brian Kilmeade [00:00:00] Congressman James Comer of Kentucky, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee. Thanks so much for joining us.

James Comer [00:00:05] My pleasure.

Brian Kilmeade [00:00:06] I know you have a lot on your plate, but did you happen to see that scene at the border?

James Comer [00:00:10] Yeah, it’s that watching far right now. I mean, it’s a joke. I mean, this is the policy that Joe Biden wants. He wants an open border policy. He’s trying to fundamentally change America. This is about politics. This is about the Electoral college. This is about getting new voters. And it’s despicable. And hopefully this will be the biggest issue in the election this fall.

Brian Kilmeade [00:00:32] You know, no one thought it was possible. And know those Republicans don’t like Hispanics. That’s why they want to crack down on the border. Everybody knows that ship has sailed. How do you explain this delay to Seattle, New York? CNN, New York Times poll. Congressman Coleman has Trump up six with Hispanics. The New York Times Siena poll, which leans left.

James Comer [00:00:50] We should be the party of the Hispanics. Hispanics work hard. They have a strong sense of family. They they pay their taxes. They they are Republicans by ideology. And look, but many of the Hispanics that, that, they want border security, the majority of Hispanics want border security. Their, ancestors and many of them came over here legally. Yeah. There’s a legal process to come here. They know that the people that are crossing the border are bringing fentanyl. They’re bringing crime, and they don’t want that. The Hispanics have a stronger sense of family as any, demographic in America. And it’s a threat to their family with all the crime that’s coming across Joe Biden’s open border.

Brian Kilmeade [00:01:36] So, what is your take on on the bobulinski? I call it the Bobulinski hearing yesterday. Well, two days ago, it was his chance to go out and say what he saw up close and personal to recount again for the American people, for anyone watching, that he he did sat across from Joe Biden. He said, take care of my son. He was 10% from the good guy. Those were his for the big guy. Those were his, text messages. It was bobulinski being challenged by Dan Goldman and by, and by AOC and by Jamie Raskin. What emerged in your mind, Congressman Coleman?

James Comer [00:02:10] The truth and look of all the Biden associates that the Bidens had, Tony believes he’s the one guy with a spotless past. He made his own money. He didn’t make it through scheming people like all the other associates. He’s never been in prison. He’s ever been investigated. He’s the one guy that was clean as a whistle. And because of that, he could tell the truth. You know, you’ve got David Archer, you’ve got Eric Sherwin, you got all these other people that were involved with the Bidens who honestly would need immunity or something to be able to tell the truth because they would implicate themselves in their schemes because they were schemes. And Tony Bubba Linsky figured out that the Bidens weren’t interested in a real deal with China. They were just interested in getting kickbacks and bribes. And I thought Tony Bobulinski did a tremendous job fighting back against the baseless attacks that the Democrats were leveling against Goldman. Raskin, Garcia, all those people were trying to rattle Tony Bobulinski because they had a media narrative already coordinated that the committee hearing would be chaotic, and our witness was hostile. But what happened is our witness made them look like fools. He made AOC look like a fool when she said Rico wasn’t a crime. So I think that it was a very successful hearing. And, you know, one of the things that the Democrats in the media have criticized me and they said, oh, well, you have witnesses like Galanis and all these other people that are that are, in prison or under investigation. Well, that’s not my fault, Ron. That’s a reflection on the Bidens, not me. That’s who they were in business with all of the people, with the exception of Tony Bobulinski, that the Bidens had. His associates are in some type of trouble somewhere. And I thought Jason Galanis, the other witness we had, did a great job to the fact that the Bureau of Prisons told us that he could testify in person. And then the Department of Justice came in and, and, obstructed that. That’s about their 10th, example of extra, obstruction throughout this investigation. He had to testify virtually, but I thought he did a great job. You know, the thing about Jason Galanis, Jason Galanis, Devin Archer and Hunter Biden were all equal partners in a scheme to defraud a Native American pension fund. Galanis has been in prison for a decade. Archer’s going to prison for that. Hunter Biden scot free. Just like everything else. The Bidens never get in trouble. The law don’t apply to the Bidens.

Brian Kilmeade [00:04:45] So Lev Parnas is the guy that played a role in the impeachment, working with Rudy Giuliani to use his contacts to find out what was going on with the Bidens in Ukraine. We don’t I don’t want to relitigate that. And I was shocked that they thought that this was part of your investigation. But listen to Bob and Parnas. Spa.

Speaker 3 [00:05:00] I think it’s laughable that, the Democrats are asking Lev Parnas to weigh in on my credibility. A convicted felon that served jail time. I have an impeccable record. Now, he warned me earlier in this hearing that they’re coming for me.

Speaker 4 [00:05:16] I looked I didn’t want I said, just keep talking.

Speaker 3 [00:05:17] Look, I look forward to that.

Speaker 4 [00:05:19] You’re flying. You’ll be there soon.

Speaker 3 [00:05:21] Well. And is that a threat, your partner?

Speaker 4 [00:05:23] No, it’s just the truth.

Speaker 3 [00:05:24] No. Did you say they were coming for me?

Speaker 4 [00:05:26] No. I said if you keep lying, you will end up in prison.

Speaker 3 [00:05:28] I’m not lying. You’re the one who was lying. You’re the one who went to prison. Am I.

Speaker 4 [00:05:32] Lying? Tell me what we’re aligned for, Mr. Bronski. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. What am I lying?

Speaker 3 [00:05:37] You went to prison for lying and defrauding your investors here.

Brian Kilmeade [00:05:41] What am I lying here?

Speaker 3 [00:05:42] Oh, the list is long. We don’t have enough time. I think Mr. Gates only has a minute.

Speaker 4 [00:05:46] I think you’re a little scared. Just like this one. Because Mr. Gates doesn’t even ask a question. You’re filibustering. I’ve been here for six hours, and not one of your committee members asked me one question.

Brian Kilmeade [00:05:55] Well, he’s not the Bobulinski doesn’t have committee members. So, going back and forth, you can’t touch him. Goldman just making things up. AOC coming up. What is the charge? And I’m just amazed that the other networks have not played anything from Bobulinski. They don’t try to book him. He said, Jake Tapper, go book me. So where do you go from here?

James Comer [00:06:15] Well, we’re we’re going to give President Biden an opportunity to defend himself. What we saw from that hearing is what we saw from our depositions. Do you have three former Biden associates all testify under oath that Joe Biden was a central figure in the influence peddling schemes. And remember, Brian, no Democrat, no one in the media is disputing the fact that the Bidens were influence peddling. No one’s disputing that they took in nearly $30 million for doing absolutely nothing. No one’s disputing that. We said all their businesses were shell companies. They were just there to launder money from bad people in bad countries. No one’s disputing that what they’re saying. The one thing they’re disputing is, well, Joe Biden didn’t know. They’re, you know, playing the elderly, forgetful old man card. You know, he just he didn’t know. But the problem they have with that defense is that three former Biden associates, Jason Galanis, Devin Archer and Tony Bobulinski, have all testified under oath that Joe Biden did, in fact, know exactly what the family was doing. He communicated with all the shady characters who were sending the Bidens money to try to get out of some sort of trouble, whether they were being investigated in Romania or or Ukraine, or whether they were needing, a United States bank to help them open up an account so they could launder money. You know, whatever the crime, the Bidens would go in and try to sell access to Joe. The the fact that they have implicated Joe, three former Biden associates. Joe Biden now needs to come in and explain why they’re not telling the truth. There’s no way. Yeah, he must go to the well. If he doesn’t, then we’ll proceed with criminal referrals.

Brian Kilmeade [00:07:58] And that’s what you’ll do. So, I also want to just get to this, and then I want to find out where we go. The CIA is, according to a whistleblower that has now come forward, the CIA has blocked the federal government from interviewing Hunter Biden’s, so-called sugar brother. And that, of course, is that, movie producer. He is, he is somebody that they wanted to talk to, Kevin Morris. They have a five year probe into what he was up to. He paid the bills and paid the IRS for Hunter Biden. Why would the CIA block him being interviewed for this investigation, for any investigation?

James Comer [00:08:35] Every crime that either Hunter Biden or Jim Biden has ever been involved in, whether they were being investigated by the IRS, the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, it doesn’t matter who someone in the government would step in and tell the investigators to stand down. We’ve heard that multiple times from Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler. We’ve heard that multiple times from, Department of Justice employees that have been interviewed and deposed throughout this investigation. There’s always someone in the deep state that steps in and tells them to stand down. The fact that no one’s been allowed to interview Kevin Morris is a joke, because Kevin Morris is paying all of Hunter Biden’s bills, he’s paying his taxes. He’s paying a $40,000 a month rent at a fabulous condo in Southern California. He’s paying his child support payments. Hunter Biden doesn’t have a job. He’s living a life of luxury. And this this attorney in California is paying his bills. Unbelievable. And no one can even talk to the investigation.

Brian Kilmeade [00:09:43] So if you want to call them in right now, they would the CIA would block.

James Comer [00:09:46] You know, we’ve we’ve interviewed Kevin Marsh, but he wouldn’t tell us anything because he said he’s Hunter’s attorney and he was saying, I’ve got attorney client privilege is in. He’s not his attorney. He’s he’s he’s a sugar brother. But the. Kevin Morrish is an attorney, even though he’s never filed any papers or done anything that I can tell to help Hunter. And in his endless number of legal quests, he. When we brought him in for a transcribed interview, any time we would ask for any information or pertinent, documentation, he would say, well, I can give that to you. I’m his attorney in it. We have attorney client privilege. It’s a joke.

Brian Kilmeade [00:10:23] I want you to do what Mike Lawler said, fellow Republican. Also, in a tough fight to keep a seat in New York at 45.

Speaker 5 [00:10:29] Look, the reason I supported the impeachment inquiry was because the white House was refusing to cooperate with certain subpoenas. As I’ve said repeatedly, I did not believe there was sufficient evidence for an impeachment. But that, obviously Congress has oversight responsibility, and should, continue down that road. However, that does not mean that we should go towards impeachment. I have yet to see, any evidence that would warrant the rise to impeachment.

Brian Kilmeade [00:11:01] Should he be seeing it? Or are you not there yet either?

James Comer [00:11:04] No, he he should be seeing it. But look, you know, you’ve got some some moderate Republicans. We’ve got some disgruntled Republicans that, that get harassed by CNN and MSNBC and the New York Times. He’s up there in New York, and they’re always, you know, squeezing him on impeachment squeegee motion picture. They don’t want to talk about. And that’s why, you know, whatever. What does accountability look like? That’s where I am now. We’ve proven the bad for influence peddling. We’ve proven they didn’t pay any taxes on the money they never should have received to begin with. And we’ve proven Joe Biden was the family’s closer in the deals. He was the one that would go in with a wink and a nod and shake hands and make everyone think, yeah, you’re, you’re paying my family for access to me. I’m going to be able to say plausible deniability, but wink, wink, I’m all in on it. We’ve proven that. And the the next phase is holding them accountable because the Bidens have never been held accountable. What does accountability look like? Does it look like impeaching? Does it look like impeaching, Joe Biden in the House and then the Senate tabling it and nothing ever happening? Or does it look like criminal referrals in the Department of Justice? The media said we couldn’t get the votes to to pass the impeachment inquiry. Every single Republican voted for that, even Ken Buck and Lawler, they all voted for it. And I believe that when faced with, with another vote like that, I think we would have the votes to get there. But at the end of the day, the Senate’s not going to do anything. Brian. And I think criminal referrals, especially with.

Brian Kilmeade [00:12:36] The Department of Justice, Congressman Comber do anything.

James Comer [00:12:38] Well, if they don’t, then the next Department of Justice can. And if if Donald Trump wins and puts in a competent attorney general, he’s not going to have to investigate anything because we’ve already done the investigation, that his attorney general can go in and hold him accountable. And look, with all the legal troubles Hunter Biden’s in now, criminal referrals would be the most damaging thing that could ever happen to him. Because the last time we communicated with a judge, it was when David Weiss was trying to give Hunter Biden blanket immunity. And, there was a letter from Congress to the judge that that stated all the crimes Hunter Biden had committed in violation of Foreign Agent Registration Act. And the judge threw out that blanket immunity deal. So so we’ve already proven that we can get judges to take up our investigation, with our list of evidence. And I think that this is the best route to go forward to actually provide some accountability to this corrupt family.

Brian Kilmeade [00:13:33] Chairman James Comer, you’ve had your hands full busy week. I look forward to the next step. Thank you so much.

James Comer [00:13:38] Thank you.