God Bless Our CBP Agents

Today is the day Title 42 expires and I want our brave border patrol agents to know, we recognize your struggle and we have your back.

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Over the years, I have had the great honor of spending time with our brave Border Patrol and Air & Marine agents. I’ve been to the border alongside these wonderful men and women on 5 separate occasions and I will cherish those experiences for a lifetime.

It absolutely breaks my heart that you guys have been put in this impossible situation by Sleepy Joe Brandon and these lawless Democrats.

I know y’all are so proud of your duty to protect and defend this nation, my heart breaks for everything you will go through and see this week.

I know you feel helpless and powerless and deflated. I know you feel like everything you’ve worked for has been purposely flushed down the toilet and you’re not wrong.

I know you’re frustrated and I know you feel abandoned.

Please know the Silent Majority recognizes and we’re gonna do EVERYTHING in our power to get you a Commander-in-Chief who GIVES A DAMN!

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