On April 29th, 2023, 29-year-old Lauren Heike was killed in broad daylight while hiking on a community trail in Phoenix, Arizona. Lauren was chased and stabbed 15 times by her attacker and ultimately died from her injuries. Less than a week later, authorities arrested 22-year-old Zion William Teasley, a convicted felon, in connection with Lauren’s murder. Lauren’s death sent shockwaves across the country and has left hikers with a sense of unease as they continue to pursue the hobby. CEO of Girls Fight Back Nicole Snell shares important tips for bettering personal safety and boundary-setting skills. She also explains how self-defense classes can be a source of empowerment. Later, Nicole discusses an instance in which she was forced to use these skills in order to stand her ground.


Self-defense expert Nicole Snell is the CEO of Girls Fight Back, a personal safety and empowerment program designed to give women and girls the tools they need to protect themselves and prevent violence. The company places an emphasis on helping young women cultivate confidence by providing them with necessary self-defense strategies and techniques and reminding them that they’re worth fighting for. Nicole is also the founder of Outdoor Defense, a video series that educates viewers about defense strategies so that they can feel secure when pursuing outdoor activities.

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