Biden Family Bribery Scheme

The Biden family rap sheet keeps growing but still, no consequences.

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In an MSNBC interview, President Joe says Hunter has done nothing wrong and he’s proud of him.

What exactly is he proud of? That his whole family looks to be part of a massive “pay to play” bribery scheme involving foreign entities and they’ll likely never face consequences? Because that’s impressive but not something to be proud of!

Thanks to James Comer, House Oversight, and a brave FBI whistleblower, we’ve been told a file exists linking Joe Biden to a “criminal scheme” involving “money for policy decisions” during his vice presidency.

That document has been subpoenaed but is anyone else less than confident it won’t be destroyed?

We are TRIPPING OVER SMOKING GUNS here and yet..nothing. No one in cuffs. No one held accountable and worst of all, the media still running cover for the Biden crime family.

What’s it gonna take?

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