Denver Councilwoman Wants Reparations from White-Owned Businesses

A Denver councilwoman says white-owned businesses should pay reparations.

Here we go again.

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Candi CdeBaca is Denver councilwoman and proud Democratic-socialist so it should come as no surprise she’s advocating for the race-based transfer of wealth.

Candi is facing a runoff election in June and as part of her strategy to entice voters of color, she is advocating for white-owned businesses to pay an additional tax to be given to minority-owned businesses as reparation payments.

She believes capitalism was built on stolen land and white supremacy so in turn, businesses owners who were never slave owners should give up a portion of their earnings to minority-owned business owners who were never slaves.

If that sounds racist to you, it’s because it is. It’s also stupid.

Democrats man, they will make anything and everything about race so as to avoid real conversations about their failed policies, policies that are screwing us ALL OVER!

Let’s just hope Denver voters don’t fall for this race bait!

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