On the night of July 8th, 2006, Yolanda Silvera was carjacked, sexually assaulted, and shot by New Jersey serial killer Noah Cuebas. After being left to die, Yolanda was found the following morning just barely alive. She was rushed to a hospital where she remained in a coma for six months. Doctors were unsure whether or not Yolanda would ever wake up, walk, or even talk again. Despite all odds, Yolanda has made a remarkable recovery and is able to share her story almost 17 years later.

Retired East Orange Detective Joseph Juliano worked on the case and discusses details from the attack, the arrest of Cuebas, and how Yolanda helped law enforcement link his violent crimes. Later, Yolanda Silvera shares what it meant for her to testify against Cuebas, her incredible recovery, and the goals she’s currently working towards in her physical therapy.

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