Pressure Building On The President As Debt Ceiling Crisis Looms

For the first time since February, President Joe Biden will meet with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other top congressional leaders to discuss the debt limit crisis. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that the country could default and face a potential ‘financial collapse’ as early as June 1 if a solution isn’t found. Last month, House Republicans passed a bill to raise the debt limit that includes healthcare spending cuts, which both the Democratic-controlled Senate and President Biden said they won’t approve. Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) joins the Rundown to discuss the standoff, why he believes the president needs to show more leadership, and why he says he will refuse to raise the debt limit unless it comes with significant spending cuts.

If you think things are bad at the border now, they’re about to get worse. That’s because Title 42, the Covid-related policy used to keep many migrants out, is about to end. Officials are bracing themselves for an even bigger surge as the country reverts back to old immigration law. Charles Marino, who was a Homeland Security Advisor during the Obama Administration, joins the FOX News Rundown to discuss why Title 42 ending will make the border crisis even worse and why he feels the Biden administration has been slow to prepare for this massive change.

Plus, commentary from author David Marcus