The Energy Department is finally coming clean about COVID’s origin and hint hint, the conspiracy theorists are right again!

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From the early days of the COVID pandemic, prominent scientists as well as a symphony of conservative leaders have discussed the lab leak theory- that COVID was made in a Chinese lab and then leaked- accidentally or even purposefully- into the rest of the world.

And if you’ll recall, we were called conspiracy theorists, science deniers and shunned, shadow banned and censored on social media for even discussing the lab leak possibility.

Well, low and behold, nearly 3 years later and the Department of Energy has “revised it’s assessment based on new intelligence” and now admits the lab leak is most likely the origin of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Where is our apology? Where is the retribution? And not just for this, for all of the many things we’ve been right about since the start of this thing.

Masks, basically useless. Lockdowns, basically useless. Vaccines, not effective at preventing infection and spread.

We’ve been lied to for nearly 3 years! How can we possibly be expected to trust anything that comes out of our government institutions after this?!

There needs to be some MAJOR truth serum in DC and we need FULL transparency…like yesterday…

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