FoxNews Poll Shows Republican Voters Want…

A new FoxNews poll shows Republican primary voters want this man to be the nominee.

So who is it?

I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next.

Our country may be going to hell in a handbasket but the silver lining of that hand basket is that in 617 days WE THE PEOPLE get the power to change course.

But who will be the Republican nominee?

So far we’ve got former ambassador Nikki Haley, entrepreneur and author Vivek Ramaswamy and of course, former President Donald J Trump in the race for 2024, so far.

But who has the best shot? Well a new Fox News poll of Republican primary voters shows 43% prefer Trump. Coming in at a close second with 28% is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis- who has not announced nor do we know we will announce.

The rest of the field just doesn’t move the needle and we all know why- this is a Don versus Ron race and it has been for over a year now.

But while Trump has taken several swipes at DeSantis, he has refused to return fire.

That is a very smart move by Ron and I believe it’ll backfire on Trump.

Conservatives have been called deplorables, nazis, racists, bigots, domestic terrorists, homophobes and everything else under the sun by Biden and his fellow Democrats- we really don’t need our two heavy weights doing the work for the Left!

This doesn’t need to get ugly. We’ve gotta keep this race clean or we will lose!

Stay out of the mud, and out of the swamp!