Sen. Wicker On Why Ukraine Can “Win This War This Year”

Over a year since Russian troops invaded Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers continue fighting ceaselessly for freedom. As the U.S. continues supporting Ukraine, most recently implementing more sanctions against Russia and unveiling a new $2 billion aid package for Ukrainian troops, Americans remain confident that Ukraine can secure victory. However, the threat of China entering the conflict remains, after the U.S. received intelligence that China is considering aiding Putin’s troops with “lethal” weapons. Many American officials remain focused on defeating Russia before the war escalates any further — something that Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker believes can be done this year. On the Rundown, Senator Wicker discusses why he believes the U.S. plays a vital role in how & when Ukraine could win this war and why President Biden should give Ukrainians “everything they need” to defeat Russia. He also shares his thoughts on the debt ceiling debate and how the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, is being handled.

The five-day workweek has been the standard for generations. But a new trial program testing a four-day week in the United Kingdom is being considered a big success, with employees who took part saying they are ‘happier’ and most of the companies participating in the trial reporting they’ll stick with the model. While the pandemic has gotten millions of Americans used to working from home, does the news out of the UK suggest a regular three-day weekend may be the next major shift for U.S. workers? FOX Business’ Gerri Willis joins the Rundown to explain the pros and cons of working one less day a week and why she’s skeptical American companies will get on board.

Plus, commentary from Outkick’s Tomi Lahren.