From Washington: AI Technologies Generate Concern On Capitol Hill

Artificial intelligence technologies such as ChatGPT have garnered attention through their ability to generate human-like text, perform complex tasks, and learn from mistakes. Despite their impressive capabilities, there’s a growing concern on Capitol Hill regarding the regulation of the rapidly evolving technology. Congressman Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) is one representative who believes the time is now for the government and private sector to establish rules for AI. He discusses his optimism and skepticism about ChatGPT, what the next steps are for Congress, and what potential legislation could look like.
In a move that excited some and frustrated others, the Democratic National Committee approved a proposal earlier this month to rearrange their presidential primary calendar, moving South Carolina ahead of Iowa as the first state to vote for the Democratic nominee for President. Although the party has said that the change was made in an effort to display the party’s diversity, others are concerned that the shifting interest in Southern states will only upset voters in other key regions such as the Midwest. Democratic Strategist Kevin Walling discusses the current state of the DNC, what message their new calendar sends to voters, and why he believes the party can make significant gains in upcoming elections.