Priests For Life Founder Fr. Frank Pavone Speaks for Himself on the Vatican Defrocking Him

Passionate about defending the life of the unborn, Fr. Frank Pavone, who founded Priests For Life, is now the center of a controversy as the Vatican thought his actions were so heinous, he deserved to be treated like some serial sexual abuse priests. Laicizing a priest and stripping him of his clerical office is essentially like a forced divorce. These are his present circumstances. Is the Catholic Church now in favor of abortion that it would treat its most vocal opponent of it in the most seemingly merciless way? Or is jealousy and revenge at the heart of it? Both are considered options by Pavone who vows to fight back to be reinstated as a priest. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Pavone points fingers at Catholic bishops who are in bed with – figuratively speaking – high level democrats, the party that has no place in its platform for prolife politicians. Politicians like President Joe Biden and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are staunchly pro-abortion, even while Pope Francis, at least in his statements, is adamantly against abortion. Pavone may be a pawn in a much larger struggle between two warring factions in the Catholic Church: liberal and conservative. One is in power, the other is not. Listen to Pavone’s take on the issue.