Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to explain how her office is pushing back against recent efforts by the Biden administration to reinstate the CDC’s public transportation mask mandate.

“He’s doing this against the wishes of not just pilots, not just airline employees, but travelers. Nobody wants this. He’s also doing it against the science. And I think the airlines have repeatedly pointed out how their air is filtered and cleaned. And so they want to be able to do this again, in the future, no matter the fact that they don’t have the authority. The courts have said you don’t have the authority to do a mandate like this through an unelected bureaucrat that leads the CDC. Again, what we have pushed back on repeatedly, whether it was the mask mandate or whether it was forced vaccines or whether it was government lockdowns, it was all whether the CDC, which again, is an agency filled up with career unelected bureaucrats, whether they had the ability to come in and start shutting down the lives and industry of Americans. And we don’t believe they had the power to do that. And we’ve been fighting it tooth and nail in court ever since.”

AG Moody also talks about what Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is doing to ensure parents have a say in what their kids are being taught in the classroom. Listen to the podcast to hear what else she had to say!