Congress: SHOW UP!

Republicans are in control of the House which means our public servants actually have to show up to work!

I’m all for it! I’m Tomi Lahren, more next,

For far too long our members of Congress have been able to use COVID as an excuse to not show up to work.

That whole “work from home” thing was dubbed “proxy voting during the pandemic and allowed members to vote remotely without having to actually show up.

Well, now that Republicans are in charge, that luxury is officially OVER. Speaker McCarthy has declared, if you want your vote to count you better show up!

For the last couple years both Republicans and Democrats have used and abused this proxy voting perk but enough is enough.

Doctors, nurses, farmers, ranchers, firefighters and law enforcement officers all have to risk their lives away from the comfort of their homes to complete their essential tasks and our members of congress should be expected to do the same!

And it’s not only members of Congress, American workers need to get off the coach and get into the office. This COVID comfort has been a hammock of laziness for far too long! Get up!

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