SOME Allowed to “Free the Nipple” on Facebook

Facebook is set to allow photos of bare breasts but only for a certain group.

Take a guess which group. I’m Tomi Lahren, find out next!

Facebook’s parent company Meta announced a policy change for posting bare breast photos on the site. The oversight board will now allow these images but ONLY for transgender and non-binary individuals.

In case you’re wondering, people who identify as what they biologically are will not get the same grace- so real women are still prohibited from “freeing the nipple.”

Meta touts this bogus rule change as progressive, inclusive and positive but it’s really discriminatory and ridiculous!

I just don’t get it folks, I thought the LGBTQ battle cry was “equality” not “special treatment” and you can’t have both!

Furthermore, it is entirely inappropriate for ANYONE to post their private parts on a public social media platform. Kids don’t need to see trans boobs, cis boobs, or any boobs popping up on a timeline!

What happened to basic decency? Is that not “woke” enough for Facebook?!

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