Several Virginia high schools are under investigation after allegedly neglecting to inform students that they were national merit award recipients. These awards, only gifted to select high schoolers across the country, often give students a greater chance of receiving college acceptances, scholarships, and sometimes fully paid tuition. However, this opportunity was taken away from many, with some schools claiming they acted in the name of “equity.” One top-ranked high school allegedly reported their decision to withhold award information was made to not “hurt the feelings” of other students. In response, many government officials are now looking into the schools’ potentially discriminatory actions and how they could be in violation of the Virginia Human Rights Act. Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares, a key figure in these investigations thus far, joins to discuss how students’ lives may have been impacted by their schools’ actions, why he believes “equity without excellence is emptiness,” and how he plans to “get to the truth” behind what happened at these high schools.

Inflation has impacted almost every facet of life for Americans. One staple food item is grabbing the attention of consumers. Egg prices surged over 11% in December, leading many Americans to take a closer look at their grocery bills. Assistant Professor of Agriculture Economics at the University of Arkansas Dr. Jada Thompson joins the Rundown to explain some of the factors contributing to this inflation, the impact inflation is having on farmers and small businesses alike, and why she believes the surge in egg prices will not be permanent.

Plus, commentary by Fox & Friends co-host and host of The Brian Kilmeade Show, Brian Kilmeade.