Classical Music Used to Deter Homeless Squatters

7-Eleven convenience stores are using a musical technique to deter loitering, homeless camping and even theft!

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You can find almost anything at 7-eleven, and unfortunately in some cities that includes homeless encampments around the storefront.

Well some 7-eleven locations- primarily in Texas and California- have a new secret weapon deterrent- classical music.

Yes, several stores are now blasting opera and classical music from the loud speakers to keep the homeless from encroaching on their stores and harassing their customers.

This same tactic has also been used to deter looters and sticky-handed thugs!

Some customers may find it annoying to hear these tunes at high volume, but it’s a lot less expensive than paid security detail and a lot less annoying than being shaken down for cash by those who “do business” so to speak, outside of the store.

It’s sad store owners have to resort to this, but if it works, it works!

Time to face the music!

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