CNN Laments Pet Carbon Pawprints

According to CNN, pets are part of the climate change problem.

Of all the ludicrous things the climate movement has concocted to scare folks, this may be one of the dumbest takes I’ve heard yet.

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CNN is known to put out some pretty ridiculous advice, but this one might take the soy and gluten-free vegan free range cake.

According to an article published on the “life but greener” portion of the site, pets are causing a climate calamity and they must be stopped!

While the article stops short of instructing humans to get rid of their pets, it does encourage owners to change their pet’s diet to something not necessarily better for said animal, but for the “environment.”

The article suggests swapping meat with plant-based food or lab grown varieties or even insect-based products.

It also suggests flushing pet waste down the toilet instead of using poop bags.

Are these people out of their minds?! The answer is yes!

This green movement has gotten so out of hand it’s laughable. I’ll be feeding my dogs regular food, thank you very much, CNN.

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