Should The Government Stop A Rail Strike In Its Tracks?

A national railroad strike looms once again in America, as the tentative deal brokered by the Biden administration this past September was ultimately rejected this month by the rail unions. In response President Biden has called on Congress to block this strike using legislation, which was a sign of relief for those worried about the economic impact of the rail strike, yet the unions argue this prevents them from fighting for better work conditions. Chief negotiator for the maintenance workers’ union Peter Kennedy joins the Rundown to explain the continued frustration from rail workers about the lack of sick leave, why the majority of railroad workers in this country voted against the earlier tentative agreement and what comes next if Congress intervenes and imposes a compromise.

As China experiences record numbers of Covid infections, protests have erupted across the country as demonstrators expressed their anger over President Xi Jinping’s restrictive zero-Covid policy. Many lawmakers have criticized the White House’s response to the situation and are calling for a condemnation of Xi Jinping’s oppressive leadership. Congresswoman Young Kim (R-CA) wants more action from the Biden administration. She joins the Rundown to discuss the significance of the protests, the powerful censorship of the Chinese Communist Party, and why she’s working on legislation to hold China accountable for their human rights abuses.

Plus, commentary from co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend and Host of ‘The Will Cain Podcast’ Will Cain.