Free Speech Files

Is Elon Musk about to expose those Twitter algorithms that have been hurting, haunting and hampering conservatives for the last several years…?!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Elon dubbed them the “free speech files,” and has hinted at releasing them to the public so we can all finally see how pre-Musk Twitter has silenced conservative accounts.

Elon said it himself, the public deserves to know what happened.

The Leftists are, of course, in a panic over this potential exposure. They don’t want Elon to reveal just how stacked the cards are against those of us who dare to be free thinkers on social media.

Let’s start with the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up and make our way to the COVID lab leak theory, the silencing of mask and vaccine critics all the way to those very real questions surrounding election integrity.

We will never get a do-over, likely never an apology or any kind of compensation for all that’s been done to silence and censor us, but I speak for many conservatives when I say, the validation that our “conspiracies” have always had merit, would be a nice start.

Expose the algorithms, Elon! Expose and mention it all!

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