From Washington: Taylor Swift Ticketmaster Debacle Triggers Anti-Trust Investigation

In the wake of the Taylor Swift “Era’s Tour” ticket sale fiasco, Congress has now announced they will create a subcommittee to investigate the lack of competition amongst ticket vendors. The controversy has also brought attention to many examples of corporate monopolies, most notably the anti-trust review into supermarket chain Kroger’s acquisition of rival Albertsons. Former Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission and Professor of Law at The George Washington University of Law, William Kovacic, explains how Ticketmaster and Live Nation were able to merge and rout competition, and how the power that the FTC and Congress hold could help limit corporate monopolies.

House Republicans on the Oversight and Judiciary Committees say they plan to investigate the President and his family’s business dealings abroad, as well as the Justice Department and FBI when they take the majority in January. After years of various congressional investigations, the question is what American voters want Republicans and Democrats to spend their time doing relating to issues such as inflation, Ukraine, crime, and the fentanyl crisis. Democratic Strategist and Co-host of The Five on the FOX News Channel Jessica Tarlov and former Utah Republican Congressman and FOX News Contributor Jason Chaffetz weigh in on the top concerns across the country.