Notre Dame Cathedral’s “Rebirth” Has Help From Catholic University of America

The horrific fire that almost completely destroyed Notre Dame Cathedral in 2019 became for some, almost a symbol of the state of Catholicism in the world, fighting for its life in a culture uncommitted to religion. But the students of Architecture at Catholic University of America have something much more uplifting and powerful to add to this equation. They are not only becoming part of the famed Paris Cathedral’s ‘resurrection’ from the ashes but have also become a symbol of a new generation of Catholics, intent on strengthening their faith. The students hand built a life-size replica of one of truss number 6 in Notre Dame’s choir loft, using medieval techniques as would have been used on the original construction. Using the design of the architects that are in charge of the restoration of Notre Dame, the students raised the truss in Washington D.C a few weeks ago and talked with the French architects who checked out their work. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Tonya Ohnstad, Associate Dean for graduate studies in the Catholic University of America’s School of Architecture and Planning, talks about the tremendous opportunity these students had in being a part of Notre Dame’s restoration, and how they hope to travel to Paris to be hands on, for the work now being done to bring the French national symbol back to its former grandeur.