A Blueprint to “Restore Freedom”: Inside the GOP’s ‘Commitment to America’

It was a big weekend for Republicans after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy unveiled the GOP’s ‘Commitment to America’ in Pennsylvania on Friday. The proposal serves as a blueprint for the Republican Party, showing Americans what the GOP plans on doing should they take control of the chamber after this year’s midterm election. The plan is driven by four key ‘pillars’ that address major issues Americans are facing — such as high inflation, crime in major cities, and more. House Republican Whip Rep. Steve Scalise joins to break down the policy goals included in the ‘Commitment to America’, respond to Democrats’ criticism of the plan, and explain how it’s uniting and motivating Republicans before the crucial November midterms.

Long before COVID and our current labor shortage crisis, America had to deal with a nursing shortage. The pandemic only made it worse and nurses fear without more of them, patients will suffer.  Family Nurse Practitioner and UIC College of Nursing Educator Keisha House explains what’s driving people out of the industry, the impact it is having on the health care system and what can be done to fix the problem.

Plus, commentary by columnist David Marcus.