A top Florida Democrat endorses Ron DeSantis for reelection and wait, there’s more.

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You know you’ve got a great leader of your state when even Democrats jump the aisle to lend their support and that’s exactly what Palm Beach County Commissioner David Kerner did.

In a news conference late last week he not only endorsed DeSantis but also vowed to campaign for him every day until the November 8th election.

WOW! Kerner also noted he wasn’t endorsing DeSantis in a “lesser of two evils” decision but rather because he genuinely and proudly supports him.

He also noted there is too much on the line to remain silent. Kerner put a big emphasis on DeSantis’ work to support, fund and boost law enforcement while his opponent Charlie Crist is more focused on gun rights infringements for law-abiding citizens.

This endorsement is a big deal. Not only is Palm Beach County the third most populated county in Florida, but it also went for Joe Biden in 2020 by 56%.

The tide is changing and it seems to be changing to RED!

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