AOC said something moronic again and while it’s not surprising, I’ll tell you all about it.

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AOC is not known for saying factual OR insightful things but her latest comments about families, children and what is to blame for declining birth rates was a real doozy.

She blames the “burdens of capitalism” as the reason Americans are not having enough children.

Oh, and she feels the solution is to bring in more immigrants. Apparently no one told the New York Congresswoman we’ve already allowed the population equivalent of Ireland through our southern border since Biden took office…but I guess that’s not enough for AOC.

And I’m not sure which part of her analysis is more insulting, that she blames capitalism- a system that allowed her- a former bartender- to be on the cover of magazines in designer clothes- OR that she thinks bringing in more foreigners to burden our communities is what we need in a time like this.

The woman does not think before she speaks. She’s the congressional equivalent of TikTokers who cook chicken in NyQuil for laughs and views.

And I wish her constituents could see that and vote differently but sadly, her district is bluer than a Smurf and not gonna change.

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