Word on the street is Canada is looking to drop its vaccine mandate for travelers at the end of this month.

Boy, I wonder if it has anything to do with baseball, money and the World Series?

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Since January of this year, the Canadian government has barred unvaccinated travelers from entering the country.

This is not only a giant crock of crap given the COVID vaccine doesn’t prevent infection or spread…but has also given the Toronto Blue Jays a huge competitive advantage in Major League Baseball.

Unvaccinated players from the other 29 American-based teams have not been able to travel to Canada to participate in away games played there- star pitchers like the Red Sox’s Tanner Houck, and 10 players from the Kansas City Royals are just a couple examples!

But now, as the Blue Jays progress towards the play-offs, postseason, and potentially the World Series, the Canadian government is reportedly set to drop the mandate on September 30th.

While I’m happy about this reported change, I wonder why it took so long….

Why now, Canada? Why now, MLB?

Sure sounds like the money is talking louder than the phony “science,” huh?

End the mandates, issue an apology and let’s get back to real baseball!

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