Don’t Cook NYQUIL Chicken

You wouldn’t think the FDA would have to warn people not to cook their chicken in NYQUIL, but here we are.

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If you’re cooking your poultry in NYQUIL to be a part of the viral social media challenge, you might want to stop that!

Due to the cancer of social media AND the stupidity of young people, the FDA was forced to put out a memo warning people NOT to cook their chicken in cold medications.

Turns out that method is dangerous and even toxic, go figure! The FDA warns that even if you don’t eat the NYQUIL chicken, even breathing in the fumes of boiled cold meds can make you sick.

And just to be conclusive, the FDA also added that another social media trend challenging people to consume large doses of allergy medicines in order to hallucinate is also not a good idea and can even cause hospitalization or DEATH!

Is this really where we are in 2022? Reading, writing, and math scores are down as young people spend their free time watching stupid TikTok videos that encourage them to do stupid stuff and then brag about it.

I know every generation looks down on young generations but in this case, it’s perfectly valid to do so. What a circus.

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