Fox News National correspondent Nate Foy joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to explain why Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Oz has recently been focusing in on the health of his opponent John Fetterman, who currently serves as the Keystone State’s lieutenant governor.

“It’s definitely something that Oz has wrestled with. He tried staying away from it. And the polls weren’t that good. And then he kind of started talking about it a little bit more, but not so much in a way to attack Fetterman and his condition as a person, but in the way that he wants to debate him. And right now, the only debate scheduled is October 25th, which is two weeks from Election Day, and early voting started yesterday. And Oz is essentially saying, listen, if you’re fit to serve in office, then prove it. And let’s talk about the issues. It was definitely a shift in Oz’s strategy. It’s something that for me covering the story, I also want to be delicate with because you want to be respectful of this guy who’s dealing with a private medical issue. But at the same time, he could represent the people of Pennsylvania.”

Nate also tells Jimmy about how he’s stepped up his fashion game since joining Fox News earlier this year. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!